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The V Three Group Story

Since V Three Group was founded in 2014, we have worked hard to establish a group of companies that operate both independently and together to deliver our vision. Through the success of these entities, V Three Group is able to offer strategically aligned pillars of value proposition throughout the lifecycle of real estate ventures.

Our services and capabilities continue to grow through our people focus and the progressive market knowledge of our leadership team. Each member of V Three Group brings their own unique experience and expertise to the table, which is critical to ensuring that we fully appreciate the fundamental drivers required to extract the maximum achievable value.

We look to build real and sustainable long-term value through each pillar of the business to benefit our stakeholder, investors, funding partners, strategic suppliers and the South Australian community at large.

We strive to create an identity for the V Three Group brand as the clear local market leader when it comes to inner metropolitan master planned renewal and regeneration development, and to secure high quality real estate assets.
Our Mission Statement

For a streamlined process towards capital growth, start consulting with our passionate team of professionals today!

Our Company Values

Honesty and transparency are virtues never to be compromised.
Everyone is responsible and accountable for their roles within the business.
United Together
If we stand as one, it will make us strong and success will follow.
We celebrate and reward excellence to fuel ongoing success for all stakeholders.
Mutual Benefit
Where our stakeholders benefit, we will naturally reap the rewards as a result.

Our Leadership Team

Build your own pathway to success by taking advantage of our holistic and innovative investment solutions.